Pirates Set

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  • Ideal for ages 3 years and up

Aargh matey! This adorable collection comes with everything your little adventurers needs to be pirates right in your playroom! Our collection features the large Barnacle Bart puppet by Melissa & Doug, a DIY treasure box kit, and gold and jewels to put inside! They will be able to build their own pirate ship set using the sustainably made Pop Out Pirate set by modern toy designer, Petit Collage, and be a pirate themselves using our durable cotton pirate bandana, handcrafted by Fawn and Lily Designs. We also include a soft and durable pirate map handmade of cotton and flannel for your little one, created by Her Flying Horses. Your little ones are sure to dream of big adventures when you read them How to be a Pirate at bedtime!Our Mini set includes: pirate puppet, pirate eye patch, How to be a Pirate by Sue Fliess, and the treasure map. 

Our Classic set includes: pirate puppet, paint your own treasure chest, paints, paintbrush, gold and jewels, pirate eye patch, Pop Out pirate play set, How to be a Pirate by Sue Fliess, treasure map, and a pirate bandana.

What are some of the skills that these toys help to develop?

The toys in this collection help children learn about colors, following directions, predicting, sequencing, story retelling, vocabulary, social skills, fine motor skills, and listening comprehension. Of course, they can help with many other areas as well!

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