Farmers Market Set

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  • Ideal for ages 3 years and up

This adorable collection features all of the essentials for playing farmers market right in your own home! The Green Market game teaches children all about food groups in a fun way, and is simple enough even for little ones just learning how to play games. We also include a natural, 100% cotton canvas bag for your little ones to carry around that's just their size, and perfect for decorating to make it their own.

Classic set includes: Green Market game, canvas market bag, paints, paintbrush, little hare hand puppet, pretend money, pretend food, flowers, and Mrs. Peanuckle's Vegetable Alphabet book.

What are some of the skills that these toys help to develop?

The toys in this collection help children learn about predicting, sequencing, food groups, colors, money concepts, quantity concepts, story retelling, vocabulary, social skills, turn taking, fine motor skills, and listening comprehension. Of course, they can help with many other areas as well!

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