Our Story

It’s truly magical to watch children learn and grow in a natural setting, with their imaginations, curiosity, and creativity blossoming. We created Lola & Lark to bring inspiring, language-rich toys to children that will encourage learning through play. With modern-day families often rushing through life, we want to provide a simple way for parents to help promote language development in their children at home, without adding to the already hectic schedules. Our engaging toy collections help children understand their world in a tangible way, and inspire language and learning in the playroom. We strive to offer heirloom-quality toys that will last for generations. It’s time to celebrate the magical moments of childhood and help our children become the best they can be.

Lola & Lark was founded by Katie Whitman, a mama to two girls, and a pediatric speech-language pathologist. Having lived and traveled in cities around the world, all of the collections are influenced by her love of travel and simple wonders. The fun, whimsical collections are created in Katie’s studio along the central California coast with the help of her beautiful little ones.


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