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How to Build Language Skills: Fairy Tales Theme

February 22, 2018

How to Build Language Skills: Fairy Tales Theme


I often hear from parents that they would like their children to talk more, but are not sure what else to say or do to give that extra boost. Even children who are developing typically can benefit from added language exposure! We select items to include in our shop that will be wonderful, whimsical toys to have in your home while also inspiring play and language development. Here are some fun ways to encourage language and thinking skills in your little ones using our Fairy Tales Set.

  • Create fairy tale adventures! Play the Fairy Tales game to make your own stories with different characters. This is a fun game to play, even for children who are just learning the concept of turn-taking.  It is a great way to encourage language and parts of a story.
  • Read about fairy tales! The book we selected for this collection has beautiful illustrations and is a simple introduction to fairy tales. It is a fun way for little ones to explore the stories in a concise way. You can have the children lift the flaps on each page while modeling the questions, "where" and "who". You can also help build prediction skills when asking, "what do you think is under the flap?"
  • Create a fairy tale scene! This adorable reusable sticker set allows children to use their imaginations and create their own stories using characters and objects that relate to fairy tales. It also is an excellent way to practice fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills. Have your child tell you about the scenes he or she has created to work on story telling and speaking skills. You can also address spatial concepts by talking about where the stickers are (for example, in front of the house, next to the tree).
  • Make a puppet show! Puppets are incredible for practicing language skills. Your child can practice turn taking, story telling, and speaking skills using the puppets. To add to the fun, your child can use the Robin Hood hat to pretend he or she is in a fairy tale, too!

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Until next time,

Katie Whitman, M.A., CCC-SLP

Founder & Executive Director of Lola & Lark

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist


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