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5 Tips To Boost Language In Your Preschooler

August 01, 2017

5 Tips To Boost Language In Your Preschooler

Are you wondering how to help your child use more language? Here are some helpful tips that you can easily do while on the go.

1. Ask open ended questions.

"Tell me about the picture" will garner a longer response than "what's this?".

2. Narrate your day.

Do you think your everyday tasks are boring? Not to your little ones! Talk out loud about what you're doing and soon your child will be using and understanding more words.

3. Model the correct way to say a sentence.

Rather than correct your child directly, just say it back to them the right way. If your child says, "me play with ball" you can say, "you played with the ball."

4. Get down to their eye level.

Talk to them, let them see you, and connect from their perspective.

5. Play!

Children's language skills are directly related to their play skills. Play with them and show them how to pretend. Role-play with their toys. Use simple, correct sentences to help them learn vocabulary, grammar, and how to get along with others.

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